Just Like The Photo

It’s funny, cos now I can see you were wrong
Why did it take so long to see, you are

All black and white
Just like the photo
Cooking when you’re hot but can’t cope on your lonesome
You ditch your dog and ditch your girl
You’re not living in, the real world

You condemned my drinking and smoking and thinking
Yet cried into your teddy bear every evening

I won’t miss that tie, If you’d worn it I’d die
And the shoes, don’t get me started on the shoes

Sat there in a tuxedo, nine year starved libido
Who sits like that on a chair any way

The only one in the picture not drinking you’re sinking
Scared of your old heroin thinking
Scared of your old ways (You’re)


You lost your chubby cheeks in a mere five weeks
Now you think you’re a stud on the run

Drooling at girls half your age
As if they’d like you at this old age
They won’t
Cos you’re stuck in your ways


Mid 8
It seems like a life time
Since I saw you and we were fine
All your heart needs is time
It healed mine and now I’m fine


You’re Just like the photo x2   
All black and white

You’re Just like the photo x2   
All black and white


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