Some Of The Things


Some of the things I love about you

Are some of the things That tear me up inside

But some of those things Make me want to grab you

And take you inside (And take you inside)


One of the things I love about you

Is when you look at me and you smile

You light up the room and my life

With those shining eyes (Your Shining eyes)


So soft, and gentle

Feel your hands run over mine

Electric, can you feel it

Magic, it just feels right (It just feels right)


When, your lips, touch mine, I fly

And my heart, skips another beat (skips another beat)


I yearn, to fall asleep in your arms

And wake up in your eyes

And I know, that one day, You'll turn to me Having made up your mind

And I hope that you choose me

Then we can get on and live And let our love fly (Let our love fly)






All Lyrics & music are copyrighted to O Hamlyn-Wright