Need More Time

Any morning if you look in to my eyes
You can see that they are open wide
To the games going on around me
Am I the only one who can see

Bogged down by all this pressure and strife
Too much pain, too much hurt, too much hassle
Contained by my life
Throw me a ring or lend me a hand 
I just wanna sing in a rock ‘n roll band
(in rock and roll land)

I need you, I need you to know 
That I need more time
And I need you, I need you to know 
You’re not wasting your time

It’s like another stone in my shoe
making it harder to come back to you
can’t you see that I just lack some space
mid-life crisis I don’t know can't you tell by my face
my head's in outer space

Mid 8
What they said wasn't true
It broke my heart in two
how what you said, and to my face
kept me running back to your place
but times are changing and we're making it through
if you'll have me, I'd come back to you



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