Seemless Summertime

A seamless summer time, It’s in the air can you taste it

Festival goers in their prime, strolling round like summer romantics

It pulls us closer, Lets sing a song, and rhyme this rhyme

Chorus - So take the hands of time, I wanna make them mine, Oh how I love you baby I see you eye to eye, my loose ends you’ve tied, Oh how I love you baby, there’s no maybe oooh oooh…

So we need a blank canvas to work on But all my favourite paints and colours they have gone I know you’d tell me if my stories made you yawn But yours, and everyday, seem to make me more.

It pulls us closer, lets sing a song, and rhyme this rhyme


So everything’s good, but when I’m old will I regret the teacher I told, well here’s a lesson for you maybe, i’ll take the rough with the smooth and try to settle my mood, make amends and new friends, whatever I do, I’ll be there for you baby, there’s no maybes oooh oooh x2






All Lyrics & music are copyrighted to O Hamlyn-Wright 2008